"be your-kind-of-beautiful, with jessica timblin styling"

Jessica took my closet, and my confidence in how I dress, to a new level! She has a talent for listening between the lines, seeing existing style potential and empowering a person to embrace their independent image.


"So Helpful!"

Jessica is an incredibly friendly and easy-going person who knows what she's talking about!  She did a great job helping me go through my wardrobe and decide what to keep and what might not fit me quite right.  She gave great tips for things to keep in mind when I'm shopping in the future and was really fun to work with!  I would have loved to do the whole service of Sort, Shop, and Style, but didn't feel like I was able to finacially.  However, Jessica was very flexible with letting me pick and choose which services I wanted to use.  I had a great experience!  Thanks for your wonderful help, Jessica!


"Can't wait for my next shopping session!"

Jessica is not only great at what she does, she's incredibly sweet as well!  She makes everything painless, and I felt so comfortable with her right away.  Super helpful, and I can't wait till my next shopping session with her



Jessica helped me see what styles look good for my silhouette and helped objectively think through pieces of my wardrobe. She isn’t about getting rid of everything, but finding what you can style with what you already have and then adding a few pieces to round out your wardrobe. She’s amazing and styling is her “sweet spot.” Give yourself a gift and enjoy learning from Jessica and setting yourself up for success while looking good and feeling good in what you wear.

Melissa G. Strasburg, PA

“Shopping with jessica was a dream!”

From start to finish Jessica delivered premium service. I like to keep things minimal and had collected more clothing that I needed. She helped me pair down, keeping the clothing that suit my shape and coloring. I recognize quality but have never been able to discern what colors I should by and pitfalls to stay away from. Shopping with her was a dream because she did all the work (including holding my bags!) and I could just say "Yes!" when I loved something. The icing on the cake and where I found the most value was her styling of the clothing that stayed in my closet. This has always been a weakness and tricks me into thinking "I have nothing to wear". If you're ever heard yourself saying that, Jessica is your girl. Thank you so much for everything! I am so, so happy with my closet and getting dressed has been a cinch. I cannot wait to spend less time in my closet and more time doing the things that I love (and look cute too!).

Heather C. Fairfield, PA

“i feel like my closet is free now!”

So much less clutter! I feel like I can go in my closet now and know what I’m after and not feel overwhelmed when I go in there every morning. Now that I have a game plan going into this business trip I know I’m going to feel a lot more secure and confident.